Help support The Cob Gallery Publish ‘Measuring Elvis’

The Cob Gallery and Nina are collaborating on the first full publication of the artists work to date – ‘ Measuring Elvis’

The key aim of this project is to produce a desirable and relevant book, which will include in depth analysis of Nina’s key drawing series, as well as independent essays written about Nina and her practice.

The book will expose the intensive research methods used by Nina and feature excerpts from sketchbooks alongside images of work in progress. This will allow the book to fully explore the processes used by Nina in meticulously building her large- scale drawings.

Cob Gallery has partnered with curated crowd funding site BORN in order to create the book. Over 20% of target has been raised so far….

If you pre-order ‘Measuring Elvis’ on BORN  now you SAVE £37 and, most importantly, help to fund the project.To view the project and to see other ways in which you can support, please visit

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported already.

 ‘ I have followed Nina Fowler’s work for several years now and I am lucky enough to own a few. She has an extraordinary technical skill and a deep understanding of drama; I have always enjoyed how she can bring the movements and emotions of film to life on paper. A book that captures the extent, the journey of Nina’s work is something I would cherish,’ Jude Law