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When asked why she decided to set up Nina Fowler Print (NFP), the artist Nina Fowler replied: “I feel my work has popular appeal and I want it to reach as many people as possible, so it can be enjoyed across the board”.

This focus on accessibility and affordability is the underlying ethos that guides her print business. The website offers a wide range of items, from beautifully detailed postcards and posters through to larger statement pieces.

Nevertheless, while NFP offers an accessible alternative to Nina’s original work, it does not do so at the expense of quality. Each print is individually signed, numbered and dated by the artist and printed on top-grade paper stock using modern printing methods that accurately reproduce the colours and textures of the originals. Buyers have the option to give their purchase a classic finish by selecting a bespoke frame, complete with UV- and dust-resistant plexiglass, ensuring their print remains in excellent condition.

Norma and Myrna interior





With such a wide selection of prints to choose from, it is unsurprising that NFP has become a firm favourite with interior designers (both budding and professional) looking for a special and unique piece to compliment and add character to a room.

Customers have told us that they found that prints provide an excellent gateway into the world of art, especially for those who would like a stylish piece in their home but do not yet feel ready to commit to buying an original work.

Fowler’s prints also appeal to dedicated collectors who have an eye for good design, appreciate the quality of the prints and enjoy owning a limited edition items. These switched-on art lovers regard prints as an affordable way to begin an art collection and also see the print as a potential investment.

Of course, each buyer has his or her own reason for purchasing a print. Some might find Fowler’s examination of Hollywood’s icons and forgotten stars of particular interest; others may be drawn by a social or political message they feel the piece expresses. Owners of restaurants, bars and cafes could feel the elegant aesthetic of the prints compliment their own business’s image.

These are all excellent reasons to buy a print and this is why NFP offers such a wide selection of limited edition pieces, chosen to suit a range of buyers and budgets. You might find the hardest part is deciding which you like best!

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To see what a framed print looks like in an interior, click the thumbnail located below the main image on each individual product page. To view photographs of prints in people’s homes please visit the Nina Fowler Print Facebook Page.

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