Leaning Board I: Jean

Giclée print on Hahnemühle paper, 2014

59.4 x 84.1 cm (A1)

Limited Edition 1/25 + 2 a/p


Product Description

Signed, numbered and dated by the artist.

These are prints of the original life-size drawings, mounted on wood, which Fowler made of various actresses reposing on ‘leaning boards’. This print depicts Jean Harlow. These off-screen props, on which film-starlets would rest between takes in order to relax without crumpling their dresses, became a source of fascination to the artist. They seem to represent everything that has come before in Fowler’s work and her investigation into the back-stage methods for keeping up Hollywood’s façade of respectability. They are ‘props’ in every sense of the word, not only propping up their occupiers but turning them into props themselves. They also have a morbid presence, holding-up their superstars in a corpse-like stance to keep them properly ironed and ready for presentation to their public. The women depicted in this series of prints appear to be ‘cardboard cut-outs’ – the ultimate memorabilia for the ultimate fan. However, these cut-outs are not typical, with the leaning board taken away (only present as negative space, sometimes cutting into their bodies) their poises are awkward. While the figures float like deities surrounded by white space, the drawings also represent the actresses being treated simply as objects – sewn into their dresses like performing dolls ready to be rolled out in front of the cameras.

This giclée print is on heavy, fine art Hahnemühle photo-rag paper. The smooth yet slightly textured surface of this paper allows for the highest quality reproduction of the original artwork. The inks used are archival and will not fade.