An Interview with a fan: Barb Shadomy

This month, we caught up Barb Shadomy, another fan of Nina’s work.  She introduced us to her collection and explained why she was so drawn to these specific pieces.

Which of Nina’s prints do you own?

I got a little carried away, as I love love love Nina Fowler’s work so very much!  I’ve purchased prints of Merrily, Merrily II, and Singer.  And an original drawing called She Shoulda Said No (Margot). The two of Merrily are hung in my dining room where they generate interesting conversation over dinner.

Why did these particular prints appeal to you?

I was first drawn to Nina’s work when I saw online images of a large original piece called Lucia (Knockers V).  It was priced for most people as an investment piece, or an I-have-to-have-it-so-I-better-buy-it-or-get-jailed-for-stealing-it price, so it never occurred to me that I could actually be the lucky one to live with Lucia (Knockers V).  I posted the image from SaatchOnline to my Facebook page with two words: I want.  I would go back to it every few days just to look at it again, there is so much to see in the piece and I was enchanted.  I was so taken by Lucia (Knockers V) that I made her the wallpaper on my large iMac.

Somehow, this became really obvious to my clever partner, who bought Lucia (Knockers V) for my birthday a few years ago.  We don’t normally do presents, so when I was handed a tiny box and she said “it’s something you’ve been wanting” I had no idea… I opened the box and there was a small, folded cutout of the piece!  I squealed with delight – then I think I knocked her down with hugs and kisses and thanks.

Lucia (Knockers V) hangs in the Music Room of our Atlanta, Georgia art-filled inn called Stonehurst Place where it is admired daily by guests.  I’m building two new suites there next year and am hoping to purchase The Irresistible Force meets The Immovable Object for one of the new rooms, or maybe collaborate with Nina on wallpaper of the piece for large scale effect in a suite.


Where did you hang these pieces?

Lucia (Knockers V) hangs in our inn, Stonehurst Palace, Merrily and Merrily II hang in our dining room, Singer hangs in a guest bedroom and the original we have yet to hang, She Shoulda Said No (Margot), will hang in my office.  I also have a Knockers t-shirt from the Art Car Boot Fair, but I’ve never been brave enough to wear it haha!

Merrily ii


How did you find out about Nina Fowler Print’s website?

I am always eager to read Nina’s emails and was so pleased to read in one that she was launching Nina Fowler Print.  I’ve sent several friends there for great shopping.

What would you like to see more of in the future?

More postcards, please – especially of the Pre-Code drawings.

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