An interview with a fan: Meera Bedi

This month, we caught up with Meera Bedi, a long-time fan of Nina Fowler Print, to find out about her collection and hear more about her thoughts on Nina’s work.



Singer by Nina Fowler

Hi Meera, can you tell us a little about how discovered Nina Fowler’s art?
Nina is now a good friend who I met through another good friend – I knew her as a fabulous woman before I saw her work and was blown away by her talent and vision.  This coupled with the fact that she is fiendishly bright and brilliant makes her a formidable force.

Which prints of Nina’s do you own?
I am a huge fan of Nina’s work and would have all her portfolio if only I could afford it!

I have bought prints from Nina, the latest is the Alain Delon and before that it was a box set of prints including Singer, Branded and Merrily.  I have also acquired a couple of posters and a postcard book.


Branded by Nina Fowler

Merrily by Nina Fowler

Merrily by Nina Fowler

What attracts you to Nina’s work?
I love the way that Nina’s work focuses on the women in the narrative and shows their passion and pain.  Also, I always feel the characters’ world is glamorous and more heightened than mine yet I relate to them completely and empathise with the heroes in the pieces as they also appear vulnerable and requiring our care.


This is the first in what we hope will be an ongoing series of short interviews with people who have bought works from Nina Fowler Print. If you would like to get involved, please send an email to