Cary Came

Nina Fowler Print is delighted to offer this stylish set of 10 postcards which document the original drawings Nina created for her exhibition at the Fairhurst Gallery, Norwich (February 2017) entitled ‘ The Day Cary Came to Norwich’

 The series is built on a seed of truth. Aged just fourteen, Cary Grant (then Archie Leach) visited Norwich on a fleeting trip to perform with an acrobatic group at the Hippodrome. The drawings depict an imagined scenario of a mature Cary Grant visiting Norwich. As Grant engages in tourist activities  he is surrounded by stark white space, the particular sights and sounds of the city with which he is engaging in is left to our imagination. The viewer is invited to ‘fill in the blanks’, as it were, visual mirroring society’s relationship with celebrities – our ability to transpose our own desires, secrets and yearnings onto them.

Film Producer Nick Barton said of the show ” Nina Mae Fowler’s wonderful drawings capture so brilliantly Cary Grant’s stylish and charismatic persona. Almost a time machine to teleport him into out lives today or to take us back to a different and golden age of cinema”

Art writer Kristy Campbell who reviewed the exhibition commented ‘In an attempt to stress modern day obsessions with a seductively elegant way of life, one where fame, desire, and success come hand in hand, Nina Mae Fowler has reintroduced the drama of Cary Grant’s visit to Norwich, flaunting and exposing his many looks and angles in the public eye. This exhibition isn’t just aesthetically very pleasing, but informative, reflective, and experiential.’

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