Giclée print on Hahnemühle paper, 2014

84.1 x 118 cm (A0)

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Product Description

Signed, numbered and dated by the artist.

The original drawing of ‘Giant’ was taken from a back-stage photograph of James dean covered in oil after filming a scene in the 1956 film of the same title. This large A0 print echoes the scale of the original piece, which climbed the wall at over 2m high. The monumentality of the drawing not only signifies the magnitude of the actor himself but it also empowers him in the same way the cinema screen belittles its audience in scale. His oil slicken body makes us think of the suffering this actor endured as a result of his fame. A sticky, black, mess – almost impossible to clean off. The patterns the oil makes on his face remind us of war paint or African masks. For one of the most often portrayed actors in history, here Fowler has chosen to present him almost beyond recognition.