Hand-finished photocopied print, 2014

84 x 118.4 cm (A0)

Limited Edition 1/100 + 2 a/p


Product Description

Signed, numbered and dated by the artist.

Mae is an A0 photocopied image, enlarged from Fowler’s drawing of silent film actress actress Mae Murray. Also known as “The Girl with the Bee-Stung Lips”, her career went into decline with the arrival of the ‘talkies’. Upon the advice of her fourth husband she left her contract with MGM only to create a powerful enemy in Louis B.Mayer. Eventually blacklisted from working in any of the Hollywood studios, she was subjected to scandal and humiliating scrutinisation of her private life. She ended her career appearing in nightclubs for her nostalgic value as a star of the past.

This large scale poster can be pinned on the wall to create a statement piece. Each one is unique as the finger nails are hand painted, in red acrylic, by the artist herself. Treat yourself while stocks last!